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New product

The Top Shot LIMITED EDITION ISRAEL rods are available in two versions “S” and “M”.

A particular feature is that by varying the weight and then varying the model, the two rods behave in the same way, in fact it can be seen by observing the optimal range described below, the two rods curve in the same way.

The secret of this technologically advanced family is to be able to transmit lightness, power, and sensitivity in a single product. in fact, the action of top shots can be described in three situations that always occur during the fishing action.

1. during the search for fish, the fishing rod works with a tip action in the first 25/25 cm and allows a very accurate analysis of the bottom.

2. eating phase; the rod transmits all the movements of the fish, from the simple touch to the rapt swallowing of the bait

3. via ferrata, the particular structure of the top-shot trolling has a very reactive final part of the barrel (in jargon called the back) but at the same time with a parabolic curve, the perfect combination of parabolicity and reactivity giving an "unlimited" power reserve .

Designed for: trolling with guardian lead, low speed trolling, coastal trolling and offshore trolling.


S 300 / 600gr 500gr
M 400 / 750gr 600gr

The Limited Edition has been designed for the Israeli seas, for tropical trolling in fact compared to the traditional Top-Shots they have been expressly modified by reducing the length of the blank from 2.03 m to 1.90 m without absolutely modifying the action of the rod. This modification was made to optimize the use of this rod for deep-sea trolling, in particular to make artificial baits work in a more than natural way, including octopus and rapala.


sea ​​guides aluminum reel seat,

rings n ° 8 plus apical sea guides

lower cross electric blue

barrel color: Sunrise exclusive xirallic pearl white

Customizations are possible only on orders that include at least 5 (identical) rods.